Finding a Certified Addiction Specialist

In 2010 alone, almost twenty million Americans were reliant on marijuana and there were almost half a million deaths caused by tobacco use. With over 25,000 deaths being reported each year as a direct consequence of addiction to substances, there is a lot that needs to be done to save future generations.

Addiction does not only refer to the use and abuse of chemical substances. There is a lot more to addiction. For instance a large number of adults and children in the country have become overweight, owing to addiction to food or because addiction to computer games and the internet have denied them the opportunity to be fit. Other addictions are those of gambling and sex.

Thankfully, wherever anyone goes, there are thousands of certified addiction specialists who can tackle the problem and ensure that a person transforms to a more admirable health situation.

However, despite the large number of addiction experts, some people do not know yet where they can get a great certified addiction specialist.

Finding a Certified Addiction Specialist

Before choosing a person to treat your condition, it is worth noting a number of things. First, what type of addiction do you have? How long has the addiction been persistent? What is your objective for seeking treatment? How long would you like to get treatment?

Those are the main questions an addict has to answer, as they bear the greatest responses on the choice of an addiction specialist to go for help to. It is not hard to get an addiction specialist who can handle your problem.

One of the best places where a patient can start the search for a specialist is on the internet. There are literally thousands of pages in which addiction specialists advertise their services. However, do not just choose one of them on the internet and rush to them. It is best to first get some other information about them before booking a date.

One of the best ways of getting a great certified addiction specialist is by visiting the website of the federal government’s department of health or that of your state. This is because the site is trustworthy and all the rehab clinics or individuals named there have been certified by either the federal, state, or both governments to carry out addiction treatment.

Your friends and family can also direct you to a great certified addiction specialist. The members of the family could have information about such a person from a former client who can confirm that the person is good at dealing with addiction problems. These referrals are very important.

One other foolproof place where you can find information about a great certified addiction specialist is at your closest health center or hospital. If the facility does not have a person who can handle your addiction issues, there is a high probability that it will refer you somewhere else, to a public facility that deals with addiction or to a private addiction treatment rehab.

Remember that there are different types of certified addiction specialists, but the great one has the academic and experience credentials that will be important to you. It should be a person you can trust and confide in.

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