What Is A Certified Addiction Specialist?

Certified addiction specialists are very important people in our society, with their massive understanding of the addiction affecting millions of Americans. They deal with a whole manner of people, including current and former addicts, and those who are afraid that they may be hooked a behavior or drug. In most cases, addiction specialists have to deal with the addicts’ family and friends, since they are also affected in one way or another by the addiction.

There are many types of certified addiction specialists who do different things for patients during treatment. For example, while doctors decide which medicine is best and prescribe them, nurses ensure that the patients take the medicine religiously, especially in inpatient addiction treatment. Counselors handle all forms of therapy, while psychiatrists look at the mental state of addicts receiving treatment.

Sometimes, these professionals create good rapports with their patients even after treatment is complete. For instance, some of them have helped former addicts get employment after treatment to help them slowly re-integrate into a normal, sober world and reduce stress levels.

What Is A Certified Addiction Specialist?

There are some who major specifically on one type of drug, while others are able to deal with a variety.

Some of the best and most renowned certified addiction specialists are themselves addicts on the final laps of recovery. They are among the best because they understand what their clients are going through, as they have also been there and are able to offer the best programs that can inhibit the growth of their addiction and help them on the road to recovery.

Also known as addiction experts, they are found in all forms of addiction treatment, be it residential, outpatient, or any other form. Some of them actually reside in these centers so they can be around their patients all day and night.

Those who are in outpatient addiction treatment programs, like nurses and counselors, often work between 30 to 40 hours a week depending on the condition of their clients.

The registration and certification of an addiction specialist depends on the individual state he or she wants to work in. Different states in the U.S. give different sets of qualifications that must be met before license is guaranteed.

For example, in some states certified addiction specialists are required to be registered citizens or get a work permit to let them operate. In others, which are keener on the qualification of the experts, a special examination will have to be passed before certification is granted.

According to records maintained by the government, certified addiction specialists earn a little over $30,000 per year. Doctors and those who have studied to the level of a Masters’ degree earn a lot more compared to nurses, addiction counselors, and other staff who have taken courses to the level of degree. The industry has been projected to grow at a rate of over 20% over the next few years.

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