Signs An Addiction Specialist Is Needed

All around us are people who suffer seriously from effects of substance addiction to numerous substances and behavior. The biggest problem is usually getting those affected persons to go into rehabilitation.

Many of them usually are usually inclined to refuse to accept the fact that they are in trouble and downplay their situation. Is it really acceptable for their family members to stand by and watch them get severely ill because of the addiction? Should they wait until their loved ones are on their knees before calling in a certified addiction specialist? No, that should not happen. There are several signs that show that an addict is desperately in need of medico-therapeutic assistance.

One of the most common signs is tolerance. The addict needs to use more of the substance they are taking. This is an effect of the readjustment of the body as it gets used to having the substance in the system. The higher the level of tolerance an addict has, the greater the amount of substances taken into the body, and the greater the risk of illness or death owing to the use of the substance. Once a person begins to form tolerance, he or she should be taken to a certified addiction specialist.

Signs An Addiction Specialist Is Needed

Also, when a person begins to use drugs or perform certain actions to a point of over-dependence, the physical appearance of the person changes drastically, often for the worse. They begin to look exhausted and weak all the time. Their homes could begin to be littered with used alcohol or subscription pills bottles. Sometimes it gets so bad that others spend nights outside their home, along the roads.

When an addict begins to lose memory, it is a sign that treatment must be sought as soon as possible. This is most especially the case with excessive alcohol drinkers and users of drugs. They tend to forget what happened to them in less than twenty four hours from the time of questioning. They seem very surprised when told what they did when they were in a state of drunkenness or ‘high.’ If the situation is not treated in time, then the addicts stand at risk of long-term memory loss.

One other very worrying sign that a person needs pronto treatment is when they begin to try to hide their behavior. They give a whole manner of reasons that would give them time to imbibe or take their drugs, watch pornography (sex addicts) or eat (for those with food disorders). When it gets to this level, an intervention must be put in place by a certified addiction specialist called in to help.

Getting into financial trouble is one of the major signs a certified addiction specialist is needed. Victims of addictive behaviors, mainly gambling, often find themselves using too much money on financing their drug use instead of doing other more important things. In the worst scenarios, addicts push their families into debt. For those addicts who are very rich, this sign may take a very long time before presenting itself, but it eventually will.

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