Ecstasy Pills Cause Memory Problems

Recent reports have indicated that there may be a direct connection between using ecstasy pills and memory function. A study of several individuals that used ecstasy very casually over a period of one year indicates that this use had diminished their memory function.

This new evidence helps to clear up the debate over whether the use of ecstasy, a drug that causes feelings of euphoria, produce great energy levels and increase the sensory experience has an adverse effect on the brain. It is believed that it could do permanent damage even when casually used.

  • The Study Numbers

Test results have been hard to come by until the study completed by Daniel Wagner at Germany’s University of Cologne. The study took account of 149 individuals that had barely used ecstasy with the average use being five or fewer events and studied their reaction to various tests of the brain including memory.

After a year had passed the study was run again on the same participants with 23 of them having used 10 or more Ecstasy in that year and the remainder having used it not at all. These individuals where given the same tests for study.

Ecstasy Pills Cause Memory Problems

  • Results are Surprising

The study results showed that most of the test results between those partaking in the drug and those who did not where very similar. However, there was a distinct difference in the memory of the two groups with the users of the Ecstasy having difficulty remembering the type of picture frame that was used on a picture.

The results showed that the small amount of Ecstasy used over a year’s amount of time can change the memory capabilities of the individual. This is surprising news for the industry.

  • Further Studies Needed

There is no clarity as of yet regarding how this memory deficit would affect an individual in their daily life. It is assumed that it is likely that the deficit would most negatively affect students that needed to retain information in order to learn and educate themselves.

It is difficult for the professionals to fully state whether or not the drug is harmful to the brain until there have been further studies conducted. Studies will need to follow a series of groups of individuals who have used the drug extensively as well as those that have used casually over a long period of time.

  • True Damage Unclear

The Ecstasy effects on the brain are not yet solidified, but the evidence collected so far does seem to indicate that there is a direct relationship between the light use of Ecstasy and some memory loss for many of the individuals taking it.

Adding this fact to the knowledge that many people use the drug in conjunction with other substances such as cocaine and alcohol seems to bring new danger to the picture. The heightened state that the Ecstasy puts the mind into could intensify the effects of the other substances causing a greater risk of harm.

  • Potential Damage Alarming

It is not yet known if greater or longer use of the drug Ecstasy could cause greater levels of memory loss or long term memory loss in participating individuals. Time will have to pass in order for this information to come to light.

The long term effects of Ecstasy are unclear at this time, but the evidence so far collected seems to lend to the notion that there could be some brain damage as the result of long term use of the drug. The damage seems to be similar to the onset of early dementia and could be compounded by other medications, drugs or alcohol.

  • The Bottom Line

Too many teens and young adults are looking at ecstasy as being a relatively harmful drug. If you take it properly, and you take it only occasionally, what’s the harm right?

The problem is, you can never really know what you are taking, and you can never truly understand how the drug is going to react in your body. This is why substance abuse is so dangerous. If you are struggling with an addiction to ecstasy or even are simply using the drug on occasion, it is time for you to seek help.

There are substance abuse treatment programs that are geared specifically toward club drugs such as this one, and they are custom tailored to meet the individual needs of every patient walking through the door. Today is the day for you to reach out and get some help. What are you waiting for?

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