Dangers of K2

K2 is perceived by many as being completely harmless, because it is artificial weed that can mimic the same high as actual marijuana. K2 may not be marijuana, but is it really safer?


There are a wide variety of different synthetic marijuana products available on the market today, and they are capable of containing a variety of different substances and chemicals.

The problem with this is that it is leaving doctors and researchers completely unsure about the side effects that are possible.

So people are having great difficulty putting a label on whether these products are safe or not.

According to a new case report, some teens who utilize synthetic marijuana may actually end up in the emergency room because there are a number of serious, unexpected side effects. There were three cases involved in the study, which researchers looked at in order to create a correlation between the synthetic marijuana and potential side effects.

Dangers of K2

In each case, the teens were suspected of using K2, and were exhibiting unexpected behaviors such as increased sweating and agitation to hallucinations and a complete inability to speak.

Dr. Joanna Cohen, who co-authored the report, states that these drugs are completely unregulated. She is an emergency physician specializing in pediatrics at the Children’s National Medical Center. She states that the symptoms of K2 can be entirely unpredictable because the drug is mixed up with a bunch of additional chemicals and substances.

She goes on to state that it is vital to be able to recognize what signs exist that drug use or abuse is going on, and then be on the look out for those signs and symptoms when it comes to teenagers. The biggest risk associated with K2, however, is that the symptoms can be so erratic and unpredictable as with other synthetic marijuana products, it can be difficult if not impossible to pinpoint and then identify the signs that a K2 abuse problem is at play.

The paper that detailed this serious problem was published in March of 2013, and is only a glimpse into what is likely going on with K2 and the dangers associated with it.

The Threat K2 Synthetic Marijuana Poses

Synthetic marijuana is made up of a blend of different herbs and plants, which are sprayed using an ingredient known as JWH-018. This is a synthetic form of cannabinoid.

The ingredient sprayed on the herbs and plants is similar in nature to cannabis, meaning that it creates a high that is similar to the high achieved in marijuana use. The drug is legal, and therefore it can be accessed easily at gas stations, convenience stores and even online, even by kids.

In 2011 alone, poison control centers stated that they had received nearly 7000 unique calls about K2 abuse, which is nearly double what was handled during 2010. This is an indicator that the K2 problem is becoming increasingly severe, and those children, teens and other users are becoming especially susceptible.

All drugs, legal or illegal, are capable of being harmful. Alcohol, for example, causes many deaths both to the user and those around him or her every year. K2 is another example of what happens when a seemingly harmless, legally attainable product ends up being more harmful than what was intended.

The biggest risk when it comes to K2 use is the fact that children and teens are able to acquire it easily through a variety of means, there is no telling what types of side effects they will have as a result, and so their parents may be unaware of their substance abuse problem and therefore unable to help them get treatment.

If you or someone that you know is struggling with a K2 abuse problem, you need to find help. The best way to find help is to contact a local rehabilitation and substance abuse facility that handles K2 addiction. All forms of addiction are unique, and so finding the right treatment center means choosing a facility and program that are going to meet your unique needs.

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