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A certified addiction specialist refers to a person whose responsibility is to help people who are fighting various forms of addiction. These people include alcoholics, drug addicts, obsessed gamblers, and people with sleeping and eating disorders.

There are an increasing number of these specialists in the United States.

According to information from the government, the outlook for the increase in the number of addiction counselors by the year 2018 is at 20 percent. This is because more and more people are becoming aware of the negative effects of addiction and are seeking help. Courts have also begun a program where drug offenders can be sent to addiction treatment centers instead of jails.

Certified Addiction Specialist

Addiction specialists play a big role in the treatment and recovery of these people. In many cases, people with addiction problems either fail to understand that they are in trouble or just deny it. It is an addiction specialist who will talk to them and make them first identify all the behaviors that are associated with addiction, the signs that the addiction is getting out of control and go ahead and propose the form of treatment appropriate for the condition. Different addictions will at times require different approaches, owing to variations in causes and depth.

To do their work appropriately, a certified addiction specialist may have to talk to an addict’s family in order to ensure that the counseling succeeds. Family support is very crucial in this process.

While being trained, a certified addiction specialist takes lessons on how to set up programs for recovery that first help addicts overcome their issues and become sober, and also set up several other programs that are intended to help former addicts maintain their sobriety for as long as possible once treatment is over.

On arrival at an addiction rehabilitation center, the first person a drug addict will meet is a certified addiction specialist. Throughout the treatment procedure, the patient will receive the support and counsel of these trained specialists.

There are Three Main Types of Counseling Offered by a Certified Addiction Specialist – Individual, crisis, and group counseling. Individual counseling is where the counselor speaks confidentially with the addict about his or her problem. In a group setting, more than one addict is spoken to. The group setting is more often the method of counseling used in the course of addiction treatment.

Crisis counseling is usually one organized by family members who are worried that the health of their loved one is in trouble, owing to the addiction. This counseling is held as a form of emergency services to get the addict to get necessary treatment.

Sometimes, a certified addiction specialist has outreach programs to reach out to people battling addiction and who are not able to visit rehabilitation centers for a variety of reasons. Such include holding weekly or daily sessions with members of the community to highlight the effects that addiction to alcohol or any other drug can have on a person’s family, relationships, and life in general. These sessions are projected towards educating citizens who are not aware of addiction effects and, in the process, helping to reduce cases of addiction occurring.

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