Are You Addicted to Painkillers?

For many addicts who find themselves struggling with an addiction, it is often difficult to properly ascertain whether they have a problem with substance abuse. Addiction to painkillers is a particularly complicated addiction, as these medications are readily available, as well as routinely prescribed. An individual may have had a legitimate prescription for painkillers written, due to injury, and may have become addicted as a consequence.


There are several signs that a person may be addicted to painkillers. If an individual developed an increased tolerance to prescription painkillers, and has found himself needing to take more pills in order to achieve the desired effect, then he may have a painkiller addiction. An addiction to painkillers often changes an individual’s personality, causing them to lash out, or become easily irritable or upset.

Are You Addicted to Painkillers?

If someone has become withdrawn and prefers to be alone most of the time, this may also signal a problem with painkillers. Blackouts, as well as periods of clouded memory, are very common with individuals who suffer from painkiller addiction.

If an individual was initially given a prescription to painkillers for an acute ailment or illness, and he feels the need to continue using them, even though that ailment has healed, then he may be experiencing painkiller addiction. If an individual has found himself spending an increased amount of time “doctor shopping,” or trying to find other methods of obtaining more painkillers, then that individual may be suffering from painkiller addiction.

Someone who is suffering from painkiller addiction will often neglect his personal appearance and hygiene due to his preoccupation with obtaining more pills. He may begin to neglect duties at work or at home and may get fired or lose close connections with people due to his prescription painkiller abuse. If friends and family have voiced their concerns about someone’s prescription painkiller use, that person may deny that there is a problem.

You may not even realize that you are addicted to painkillers, especially if you’ve been prescribed the drugs for the treatment of a legitimate pain problem. Did you know that you can begin to develop a tolerance to certain opiates in just a couple of days?

Many people are prescribed opiates in the hospital for the treatment of moderate to severe pain following an accident or surgical procedure and they come out of the hospital already physically dependent on the drugs. Most don’t realize that they are feeling withdrawal symptoms and mistake them for the flu or common cold. This just shows how simple it really is to fall into the hands of a potential painkiller addiction.

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